Why You Should Shred and Recycle

Any company will produce significant amounts of waste on a day to day basis. A larger proportion of this is usually paper waste. Some of this paper waste will contain personal or sensitive information. Often, companies will find themselves with large amounts of paper in storage that contains sensitive information. Here we go through the reasons as to why this shouldn’t happen, and that all paper waste should be shredded and recycled. Check out this website if you are looking to get professional shredding services: https://ontimeshred.co.uk/our-services/confidential-shredding/.

Save space

Paper waste builds up incredibly quickly and will clutter an office space or even a storage space. Shredding will easily stop this from happening by condensing the waste from the moment it is produced. It also allows the waste to be stored and moved freely.

Save time

Manually disposing of documents on the company-wide scale takes enormous amounts of time away from your employees. By utilising shredding services, this time is given straight back to the employees to work and for the company to run more efficiently.

Environmentally friendly

Recycling helps the environment and is an easy step to take towards your company being as green as can be. Customers are also increasingly concerned about a company’s green credentials and this will make customers see you in a favourable light.

Fire safety

Large amounts of paper waste kept together are a fire hazard. Shredding services make this threat obsolete and enables a safe working environment for your employees.


To comply with the Data Protection Act, any personal or sensitive information must be disposed of in relation to ‘data protection principles’. Shredding is an effective method of complying with the law.

Defend your business

Shredding all business material stops your company suffering from corporate espionage. Any piece of seemingly irrelevant material can be used by your competitors to gain a competitive advantage. Don’t let this happen and shred your material.

Shield your customers and employees

Customers and employees of the business can be vulnerable to identity theft. Paper materials in the business can contain sensitive and personal information about your customers and employees. Employing an effective shredding program can make sure this information never falls into the wrong hands.

Shredding and recycling are great assets to your business that can help your business both attract and protect customers whilst complying with the law. Sensitive and personal information should be treated with respect and due diligence. Shredding services are one large step toward ensuring that no data breaches are ever made against your company. This can prevent embarrassing data breaches that hurt your reputation and lose your clientele. Keeps your business running efficiently and smoothly by shredding and recycling.