Top Tips for Rewarding Staff

When you run a business, you might believe that your most powerful tools are your products or services. That, though, is not true. Your most powerful commodity is the people who empower your business on a daily basis. You will soon find that one of the easiest ways to maintain a higher level of staff morale is to build a solution where staff feel rewarded for the effort that they put in.

Doing that, though, can be quite tough. If you would like some help with this, here are some top tips for rewarding staff.

Buck the trend

As a UK business, you will likely find yourself wedded to the Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM, business model. However, look to the continent for a more honest way of working. Staff productivity is higher in, say, Denmark, due to the maturity in which staff are treated.

They are rewarded for hard work, whereas in the UK staff are often punished for not working beyond the call of duty. If you want a happy in-house staff atmosphere, you need to help your staff feel happy on a daily basis. It’s a tough thing to do, but it’s essential to creating a better business.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider bucking the trend instead of following it.

Deliver flexible benefits

One of the most powerful tools that you have, though, is the power of flexible benefits programs. Many companies have moved to using a flexible benefits provider as it allows them to give staff so much more control over their day-to-day working ambitions.

If everyone just has the same benefit, you are naturally letting down some members of staff. Everyone has their own aims and needs in life, and doing what you can as a business to help them achieve that will foster loyalty and build credibility with your staff.

They will enjoy being able to work for a business who listens to them and helps them work towards what they want. With flexible employee benefits implemented, you can see immediate improvements in workplace morale and overall competency.

Listen to your staff

When you have staff in your business who maybe need a little help in life, it’s important that you listen. As an employer, the greatest attribute you can provide your staff with is empathy. Listen to their problems. Don’t see it as a process whereby everyone must receive the same treatment.

While favoritism is never a good attribute in a business, universalism does not always work. If you have staff with children who need more care than others, for example, simply listening to their request and working around it is a small challenge for your business with a big reward: a loyal, committed staff member.

If you foster a corporate culture built on professionalism and flexibility, you will create a much more harmonious business. Success in modern business is not necessarily built on being a disciplinarian: treating your staff as human beings, and listening to their human issues, is often the most effective approach in 2019. Use it to your advantage.