How Smartphones Are Changing Advertising And Marketing?

Since ages, television has been the traditional means of electronic communication which was overtaken by computers and now by the Smartphones. The growing usage of Smartphone technology has helped in connecting the whole world and made easy for marketers and advertisers to promote their products & services in a single go. With the rising of Smartphones' market, advertising industry has also quickly developed. Although, this technology is not unknown to the market but nowadays, it is gaining more recognition than ever before. The growing usage of smartphones is considered the biggest revolution in the advertising and marketing industry.

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Mobile Video Messaging Platform is considered one of the most profitable and acceptable forms of advertising medium. This medium helps various advertisers and marketers to reach their lots of global customers using Smartphones or other feature mobile phones. It helps various advertisers to breed their customers' attention and promote their brands by sending an eye-catching video into their Smartphone's inbox.

Estimated percentage of Smartphone users in the current and future market

According to a recent survey, around 80% of the consumers are using smartphones. In the last year, approximately 299 million consumers used their smartphones and the figure is rapidly getting higher day-by-day. For 2022, the number of worldwide Smartphone users is estimated to reach 2.3 billion.

Importance of smartphones to advertise any product or to engage customers globally

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With the advent of new technology like moLotus - A breakthrough Mobile Rich Media Advertising, it has become easy for advertisers to engage their customers and promote their brands by sending them rich multimedia mobile video directly into their Smartphone or feature phone's inbox, no matter what model or type of mobile phone they are using. With moLotus, Smartphone users do not require any mobile app or internet connection to play the video.

It is competing better than any other Digital Mobile Video Advertising platform and saves cost, drives revenue, enhances response rate and establishes deeper customer engagement without using any app or internet. With this platform, advertisers can get priceless feedback from their customers and understand their requirement by doing unlimited two-way interaction via SMS, call back or mobile web.

Importance of interactive mobile video ads to attract Smartphone users

Nowadays, mobile videos play a very crucial role in attracting Smartphone users' interest. It is more personalized than any other traditional marketing tools with high visibility and better interaction options. 75% of marketers/advertisers claimed that Mobile Video Ads are equally or more effective than traditional means of communication like SMS or newspaper ads. The moving images with appealing voice and graphics make it more pleasing to the viewers. This medium is not only attractive but also provides enough space to advertise brand's products and services.