Here’s why a Customs broker is important for your import business!

Buying products from an offshore destination and selling the same at a higher price in the US might seem like a lucrative idea on paper, and yes, many vendors are making a fortune. However, importing goods isn’t the easiest task, given that Customs are involved. No matter whether your shipment arrives by truck, ocean or air, you will need the assistance of a Customs broker, who can sort things with the authorities and get your shipment released after paying necessary duties and fees. Names like Clearit import broker have been critical to businesses over the years, and you have to get help when it comes to your import business.

Are Customs brokers genuine?

Fret not, the role of a Customs broker is a legal one, and all brokers must be licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Depending on the districts they operate in, they need to have a valid Customs permit for every district. They must ensure that all the norms, rules and compliance aspects are taken care of, or else, they can be fined.

Advantages for your business

Working with a Customs broker is the easiest way to get through the formalities and compliance matters related to the Customs department. Keep in mind that the duty on import is payable within 10 days after the goods have arrived, and the same can be country specific. Before you will sort out things on your own, the time is gone. This is the precise reason why many companies work extensively with Customs brokers to get things done. For the same, the Customs broker must have a valid power of attorney, which is mandatory to carry ahead with the proceedings and formalities for the client. For commercial orders, you just need the invoice, and in case some of the papers are missing, they will guide you on how to get things done.

Custom brokers also offer consulting services for business, including assistance with trade agreements, compliance audits, preparation of documents, governmental requirements and tariff treatments. They will also check for valuation of duties, whether exemptions can be availed and so on.

Final word

You will need a Customs broker for your business sooner or later. Find one that you can rely, and most of the process can be done online, including payments, so you don’t have to go to their office for the paperwork. Check online now to know more.