Five Most Commonly Recycled Scrap Metals You Should Know

One of the most effective ways to reuse resources is scrap metal recycling. It helps to avoid the high environmental and economic cost of mining. Scrap metal is plentiful because metals are a major constituent of many products and items we use in our everyday lives. Only about 30% of metals actually get recycled today, which means there is still more recycling that could be done.

However, it is important that you know about the most recycled scrap metals and their sources. This will help you ensure you are recycling as much as possible. When you are aware of the rate of recycling, you recycle more to preserve the lives of humans and the environment. Metal scrap recyclers pay for metals that people bring in; so you can actually make additional income by collecting scrap materials over time. The following are some of the most commonly recycled metals you should know.

  1. Steel

Steel is widely used in large appliances and products. They are used in making cars, shelves chairs, etc. Many can you see in the supermarkets are also made of steel. This metal has magnetic properties making them very easy to recycle. Magnets are usually used to separate them out from a mixture of metals. They can also be purified easily by using strong magnets to separate out impurities.

  1. Iron

Look around your home; you will see a lot of appliances and structures made with iron. As a matter of fact, iron is found more in old items around industrial sites or homes. They are used for barbecues, pipes, gas heaters etc. Iron is highly corrosive but it is still widely used scrap metal. However, newer and more resistant metals like steel have replaced iron in the manufacture of many items.

  1. Brass

Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc. It is popularly used for making bathroom fixtures, door handles, light fixtures, and other plumbing pieces. The presence of copper in brass makes it more expensive than other common metals when it is available.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is a versatile metal largely used for making cans for beverages. It is also used for making doors, gutters, car parts, and many more appliances. Aluminum has a high turnout time from scrap metal to consumer product or packaging. In less than 60 days, this metal can go from scrap metal to the supermarket shelf.

  1. Titanium
    Though it is expensive to recycle Titanium, it is useful to invest in the process. This metal is very light and durable and is used largely in the aviation industry. 95% of the titanium sponge that is used gets wasted as contaminated chips. If recycled, the requirement for fresh titanium sponge can be cut down by 93%. The good news about the recycling of this rare metal is that there are a few companies doing great a job already in recycling it and producing an end product of high-quality titanium. A good example is Metalliage.