Choosing Self-Assessment Tax Software for Accountants

In business accountancy it is important to find a user-friendly system that makes self-assessment work easy for you and your colleagues. A system that is very popular and intuitive which makes self-assessment tax software work specifically for accountants, tax professionals and those who regularly utilize ledger returns.

At BTC Software, an easily-affordable annual licence fee will allow you to complete tax returns for individuals, small start-ups, trusts and partnerships. There is also a dynamic system that will allow for the previous three years of tax records to be stored and filed online.

BTC Software customers have long since lauded the software and its intuitive design. It works in compliance with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs) guidance lines. All returns are validated before being submitted to the HMRC in order to reduce errors and rejections.

There is even a reminder system in place that lets customers know when it is time for tax return submissions. The failure to validate and submit will invariably cost late penalties.

The reminder system can also highlight individual returns with errors by locking them in the system before submission. It is a bit like a proof-reading system for tax returns.

The data is very simple to retrieve and go over on the screen. Attaching PDF files for submission is straightforward task and all reports generated by this software will give customers a clear summary of the entire data on tax return and submissions.

The software also creates tax returns of a specific type:

  • Individual Tax Returns (SA100)
  • Partnership Tax Returns (SA800)
  • Trust Tax Returns (SA900) including version specifically for rates in Scotland
  • Partnership Link (SA800) and Partnership Return (SA100 and SA900) link is automatically combined.

The software can also provide for historical data and works on a secure client database – this protecting all the data securely.

Among the many features of the software are time-saving auto-complete for dates, an ability for the system to be networkable for up to 10 users and a built-in comprehensive Capital Allowance Calculator.

The intuitive software has so much running in the background with the automatic preparation of scheduling that shows us all capital gains tax calculations. It will then attach this data to the current figures being processed by your business.

The solutions within this self-assessment tax software for accountants is perfect for businesses having to deal with its own corporation tax and MTD (Making Tax Digital) Returns.