Best Places in the UK to Rent Commercial Property

Prime Locations to Rent Commercial Property in the UK

Factors to Consider Before Renting

Most business owners in the United Kingdom prefer renting a commercial property to buying it for their occupation. Before you start searching for a commercial property to rent, you will need to make some crucial decisions. The first and most important is the location that best suits your business. Other considerations to take into account includes the type of commercial space best fit for your business and the cost of renting. If you are still undecided on the right offices to let for your business, read on to discover the most prime location for office rent.

As one of UK’s recognised university town, Nottingham has a relatively low cost of living. Therefore, you can be sure to find an affordable commercial property to rent. Located at the centre of the East Midlands, Nottingham has excellent transport links to and from the capital as well as the rest of UK. More so, the town has strong support for all types of businesses. While Nottingham is an attractive location for new businesses, it worth noting that the town also serves as the home to some popular corporate brands. If you are looking for a commercial place to rent, whether an open-space office or a warehouse, has a variety of available offices to let in this location.

After London, Birmingham is the next location best for business, whether existing or start-ups. The chief factors that make Birmingham flourish in entrepreneurial spirit include its easy access to local and global markets, adequate and affordable offices to let, as well as top-notch accelerator schemes.

Following Birmingham is Bristol as a conducive environment for business. The town has relatively fair commercial rent prices, averaged at £2.50 per square foot. Note that the current UK office space is averaged at £3.2 while London stands at an average of £52; it is easy to see that this town has the most affordable prices.

If you are already in business or in the process of starting one, Edinburgh is a location to consider when looking for commercial properties to rent in the UK. Edinburgh is a tech hub and more suitable for tech-related businesses. More so, the town’s fast internet connection, cost-effective commercial properties to rent, and a large young talent pool make Edinburgh a good business location. Most importantly, businesses operating in the city work together by holding joint events as a way of creating strong networks and sharing ideas. For more information on an office to let in Edinburgh visit this website.

As one of the Midlands largest cities, Leicester has a strong support system for businesses through training opportunities, grants, and funding, as well as skilled-workers schemes. At the heart of the UK, virtually, Leicester has access to M69 and M1 motorways, which makes it easy for business owners to access other business locations. The airport, The East Midlands, is approximately 30 minutes to and from the city for those in export trade business. It also has a variety of office spaces to let from small offices, open-space office, and warehouses.