Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Road Trip as Social Media Strategy Analogy

Just got here from a good summer road trip with my family. it absolutely was fast, unforgettable and fun. As we tend to drove home, the parallels between designing an excellent road trip and making a winning social media program area unit terribly hanging. Here’s a simple to recollect approach:
Where area unit we tend to Headed?

Select an area that everybody is happy regarding and make certain most are on board.  If the social media program is meant for uplifting facebook fans of the whole, however it’s not a unanimous call, keep talking. One protester will result in indifference or worse, impatience, once things fail.

Take it slow

In addition to the main destination, set up numerous pit stops investing authoritative long-tail communities to select up new fans and meet enthusiasts. mythical place stops ought to be supported the insights derived from a listening platform however additionally peppered with opportunities to attach with wholeividuals — brand influencers United Nations agency area unit socially connected via social media. It’s additionally useful to require toilet breaks once in for a while and check your on-line analysis with folks in reality at the remainder stop.

Make sure your set up is versatile enough to accommodate new insights while not torturing your team or whole fans.  A road trip and social media area unit each the maximum amount regarding the expertise as attending to the destination. If your priority is obtaining there quickly, be ready to pay numerous cash.

Do Your school assignment

Just as  your automobile must be maintained and running well, therefore will your social media team. If  your set up rests on a well-liked web site, already be plain-woven into their thereforecial community so after you reach bent on their sales people, you'll target your destination rather than spray and pray (spray your messages everywhere the map and pray it all works).

Be sure to stay all the members of your team — not simply those on an equivalent payroll as you — on an equivalent page via collaboration tools. sign up with the team often — a minimum of daily. similar to you'd secure your home before the trip, have a state of affairs designing meeting or 2 with people United Nations agency area unit liable for the merchandise or service at the center of your program. If you’re unsure regarding what could happen once the program launches or a number of the places you'll notice your content being announce, acquaint yourself with the horror stories, together with however the whole or company recovered.

Pack Smart

Pack together with your brain, and your heart. Most whole managers and marketers area unit tempted to throw everything ‘out there’, however that solely creates a lot of noise and confusion. Less is a lot of.  Don’t force your whole fans to sit down between a cooler and a tent — allow them to pack the proverbial automobile through content they like to produce. bear in mind — you’re the motive force and navigator.

Bring Music, Video, Games and a lot of

Don’t forget the entertainment!  Stop ‘selling’ and begin diverting with games, video, and music. Let the community produce a ‘road trip’ audio recording or motion-picture show for your whole.
Road trips, like social media programs, area unit plenty of fun once they’re rockin’, however they're additionally plenty of detail-oriented, roll-up-your-sleeves, “thinking and doing” forms of labor.With huge payoffs for folks and also the corporations they work for. rather than telling a agent (agency) to ‘book the flight and a car’, travelers do the work themselves. The road trippers have to be compelled to participate in social media communities recognize|to grasp} however they work and know what forms of sites and tools area unit higher that forms of tasks. There’s way more direct designing time and other people required.

The payoff?

1. Social media programs price plenty less dough in total (than paid media programs, as an example, once a replacement product is launched),
2. the corporate gains access to and education from a range of individuals with totally different skills and life experiences
3. Cross-functional workers get to grasp one another and customers plenty higher.
4. Deeper loyalty from brandvocates
And similar to a true road trip: those concerned within the social media program share the recollections and skill of the journey along. Forever.