Monday, September 23, 2013

Six stuff you will do to possess additional freedom in your business and life

A national event initiated by Dr. parliamentarian Martino, a tooth doctor from WV, the concept is to produce merchandise and services at no charge to active military and veterans because the largest “thank you” movement for the sacrifices they create within the defense of our freedom and manner of life.

The organizers of the event square measure asking businesses to give one thing at no charge to military and their families for someday solely and advertise this to the military. Suggestions vary from a free massage, free meal, free car care to a free psychological feature or academic seminar or concert to free teeth cleanings. (You will visit if you’d prefer to participate.)

The ability to begin and operate your own business…and have an effect on your economic freedom is one in every of the numerous freedoms our military protects.  That this is often only 1 of the items they fight for got Pine Tree State thinking however freedom means that totally different | many | various many alternative} things to different individuals.
What will freedom mean to you?

Here square measure a number of answers I received from business owners:

1.         Freedom of lifestyle—to be able to travel or be away once I wish to and reception with my family once I wish to.
2.         Independence from a boss respiratory down my neck and dominant what I do.
3.         Liberation from “3:00 AM night sweats” worrying regarding having enough shoppers or cash.
4.         making financial gain even once I’m not operating thus I will take a month off if i would like.

Regardless of your definition of freedom, the very fact is that we tend to do have the liberty to create decisions and take actions to create our lives the manner we wish it to be—something many of us don’t have. Today I would like to administer you six stuff you will do to possess additional freedom in your business and life.

1.         Replace labor by investing what you recognize. whether or not you're marketing merchandise or services, you get paid by what you turn out. produce merchandise that leverage what you recognize thus you'll be able to produce a product once and be done. This not solely replaces the labor of getting to physically repeat what you're doing, however it eliminates the hassles and liabilities that go with hiring staff to extend production or coaching employees to handle shopper overflow.

2.         Create yourself a plain professional. Books, e-books, webinars, tele-seminars, video series, speaking square measure all samples of strategies you'll be able to use to position yourself because the professional. those who obtain these info merchandise square measure way more probably to rent you to perform services than the other client you market to. That’s as a result of having your own revealed info causes you to the apparent professional.

3.         Create it straightforward for individuals to shop for your merchandise. found out your business in order that individuals should buy merchandise from you 24/7 while not interaction from you. one in every of the benefits of getting your business found out this fashion is that you simply ne'er need to speak to consumers if you don’t wish to. This frees up some time to try to to alternative things like outlay time along with your family and friends or travel the planet.

4.         Contour your operation. You’ve detected Dan Kennedy mention the problems he had with staff. And we’ve even invited speakers to speak to you regarding a way to rent and manage staff. however the reality is, staff will cause “night sweats” and problems whether or not it’s from quitting and taking your customers with them or issues with inconsistency in delivery.
Designing your business to control with solely as several staff as necessary can assist you gain freedom. Automation once doable is differently to eliminate hassles and contour your business. as an example, a good supply of automation for GKIC has been to use Infusionsoft.
You might conjointly follow the lead of business house owners like coach for ladies entrepreneurs Ali Brown United Nations agency has 5 virtual staff that job from their own homes. This eliminates the prices related to having Associate in Nursing workplace and doesn’t need you to figure set hours.

5.         If you’re simply beginning out, select a business that solely needs alittle investment.Fancy offices, furniture, multiple computers, special licenses or a education, franchise fees, etc. will all value lots of cash. select a business that has high profit potential, however doesn’t need lots of cash to induce started. as an example, actor was a enforcement officer turned salesperson turned producing company business owner United Nations agency over up dead poor. He created a model with directions on a way to flip junk into one thing you would like. He then placed alittle ad to sell it in an exceedingly mag. That few hundred bucks to run the ad and build the cheap info product became over $1 million bucks.
A business which may be operated from your home also will hamper on expenses, and the convenience will produce lots of independence since you'll be able to work from anywhere—even if you're traveling the planet.

6.         Determine a “starving crowd.” Too several business house owners produce merchandise or services initial so try and find customers United Nations agency wish their product or service. selling extraordinaire metropolis Halbert once told a containerful of individuals, “I may operate a brilliant flourishing eating place if I had only 1 factor.” when participants guessed things sort of a nice location, the most effective menu, low prices, a good sales letter… metropolis aforesaid the sole factor he’d want was “a starving crowd.” Do marketing research to seek out a market of “starving people” United Nations agency want your facilitate, square measure annoyed and searching for an answer and urgently want what you've got to supply.

Take a vigorous role in securing additional freedom for yourself by swing as several of those strategies into your business arrange as doable. once you do, you’ll eliminate worry, scale back your prices each in time and cash, and create more cash than you thought doable whereas permitting you the independence to figure once and wherever you decide on.