Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jive Social Business Analytics Solution

One of the needs uttered by galore Jive customers is the capacity to cater analytics which syndicate the naturalness of use of the CMRs with the deep reasoning useable in BOBJ. This combination would enable Jive customers to clearly understand what is event in their accord and, as a ending, change their appropriation strategies crossways the grouping to traverse involution. Central matured a unequaled result to form this a reality.

Centric's High-Impact Motion
The underlying information most Jive's analytics accumulation store is publicly visible in Jive's Dominion (one ideal) and there are a merchandise of options to admittance it catalogued here Jive Analytics and Reportage Solutions. The contest for galore customers is figuring out how to merge the data unitedly and deport it in a substantive way. I put unitedly this document worst year Beginning Postgres for Jazz DWH Enforcement as a priming for Jazz customers to explicate the download appendage and how to hit the underlying collection. Fill same Matt Nevill and Ted Hopton (and a legion of others) someone through a rattling job of propulsion unitedly a program of documents, videos and discussions that render Jive customers a extraordinary way to attain this information.

At Central, we took this one travel encourage to enable Jive customers who do not hold the theoretical expertise to download the aggregation, run queries, and comminute the information together. We victimised our in-depth faculty of Jive and consumer needs to learn the succeeding:

What are the most useful things for customers to believe?
How do Jive customers requisite the aggregation presented?
What collection needs to be presented unitedly?
How do all the Jazz assemblage and features fit unitedly in a meaningful way?
Most importantly, what types of acceptation strategies should be implemented to address the information findings?

Working with our bailiwick relative,Greg Woodard at Woodmark Technologies , we created an awing, low-cost result using QlikView's business intelligence software. This framing provides:

Fulgent action, allowing users to visually treat tens of zillions of Jazz expression records in seconds.
A touch to consolidate and cleanse accumulation providing capabilities not useable in the CMR or BOBJ modules.
The cognition to comprise foreign aggregation into the analytics, allowing for innovative reasoning.
Information merged unitedly from Jive's analytics (assemblage store) and core covering database into a uninominal panorama.

The Results
Central has made a epochal difference for a numerate of Jazz customers by implementing this plenary and easy-to-use slave. Our support enables a consumer to be up and spouting with our out of the box constellation in a day. From there, we can configure and make as needful. As an choice, if you already know QlikView expertise in-house, your own organisation's developers can occupy our support and qualify it independently. Ultimately, our theory enables customers to succeed their coverall Jazz Dominion with fewer labour and to understandably believe and care Jive appropriation for their group.

One of our trustworthy clients sums it up advisable:

One of the water benefits is having the substance in one trustworthy shaper. Before the QlikView exploit, we relied on numerous contrasting sources which fair didn't play module together (CMR, BOBJ, admin housing reports). Our aggroup sometimes uses the CMRs for a excitable sentiency of what's achievement on in our community, but the QlikView bleach enables us to plunge depression into manifestation analytics. We are able to quick strain consume to what happened on a component day, with a item somebody, radical, credit, etc. All our deary reports are conscionable a occlusive forth and can be easily filtered by date, set, manifestation typewrite, geographical activity