Monday, September 16, 2013

Innovative Ways to Use Your IPhone to Grow Your Business

Do you have associate degree iPhone? If youore like several iPhone homeowners, you access it for a range of private and perhaps even some business uses. you almost certainly use the GPS to search out your thanks to appointments. perhaps you employ a monetary application to stay to your budget. you would possibly even use a note-taking application to trace concepts. However, chances are high that your iPhone is underutilized. Here square measure some innovative, and fun, ways in which to use your iPhone to grow your business.

1 PayPal

PayPal offers associate degree iPad application that allows you to not solely receive instant notification that you’ve received a payment, you'll be able to additionally request payments. Speedier income helps you create quicker business choices. A consumer pays and you'll be able to like a shot get to figure human action with them and providing your product or service. higher client service grows business.

2 monetary coming up with and Organization

Applications like Roambi Analytics will assist you be track of traffic and sales and supply real time info. It integrates with Salesforce, Google Docs, stand out then far more. Numbers and MicroStrategy square measure 2 different applications that facilitate business homeowners be high of their business info.

3 Project Management

There square measure a myriad of project management applications which will assist you keep all of your communications and files in one secure location. OmniFocus, Teambox, and Podio square measure simply 3 of the handfuls of top-rated project management tools. The applications aren’t free; OmniFocus prices $19.99. However, in contrast to most on-line project management services you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to use them.

4 Business conferences

Fusebox, FaceTime, Skype, and Cisco WebEx conferences square measure all applications that you just will use to carry business conferences on the go. you'll be able to chat in your automotive, on the beach, or from the highest of a mountain as long as there's a Wi-Fi or cellular information association, you’re able to hold a face-to-face meeting with purchasers and prospects.

5 Content

You can use your iPhone to form podcasts, videos, and even written content. With a couple of changes to your WordPress settings you'll be able to even web log from your iPhone. And if you don’t web log, you'll be able to use applications like iWriter and PlainText to form documents. Use Dropbox, a cloud computing and file sharing application, to send the documents to your different devices and computers.
If you�d rather dictate, scrutinize Dragon NaturallySpeaking and build your content together with your voice. you'll be able to email the recorded and transcribed documents to yourself and use them once you’re prepared. FrameArtists allows you to build infographics to share on social media sites.
Finally, let’s not dump the ability of analysis and organization. Applications like OneNote and Evernote assist you organize your analysis and take notes on your luxuriant business concepts. Your iPhone could be a veritable business bonanza. It will assist you keep up on new info, keep tabs on your company, pay bills, send invoices, produce content and keep organized  all this fun within the palm