Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Growing a Business with Kids: five Things I’ve Learned in 2011

Today’s post is by Claire Hughes, co-creator of the handsewn Horizonsmarketing e-course, that launches next week.
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Over to you Claire!
How was 2011 for you? in person, 2011 was a year of huge development in my business and private life. I learnt lots – the laborious manner – however created it through the opposite side! Here square measure a number of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past twelve months regarding growing a business with children. I hope a number of these are going to be of use to you, and facilitate set you up for 2012!

1. Get responsible
One of the most important things I learned last year was that social answerability rocks. Being a piece reception mum suggests that you don’t have standing updates to arrange for your boss. Or weekly team conferences to frantically homework for 5 minutes before they start! therefore you’re absolve to simply mosey-along on your own.
Sharing my goals and tasks with others helped American state to kick my procrastination habit in 2011. and much of exciting comes came to fruition as a result. ways in which might|you'll|you may} build yourself responsible to others could include: sharing your goals and ambitions with readers on your diary, partnering-up with someone to launch a replacement product or service (like I did with the handsewn Horizons selling e-course), or setting-up associate answerability cluster with alittle cluster of ladies in business. I notice Sunday night could be a nice time to arrival by email, and an everyday Skype decision keeps everybody on-track!
However you select to try and do it – the secret's to carry yourself responsible to the guarantees you create. Once you get into the habit – they become lots tougher to interrupt.

2. provoke facilitate
Is it simply American state, or is inquiring for facilitate one thing that’s abundant more durable to try and do once you’re operating for yourself? Friends and family typically assume that running your own business could be a come in the park – once the truth is commonly abundant clear of the reality.
One issue I detected last year very affected a chord with me: “You will have it all, however you can’t have it off all”. If you’re golf stroke pressure on yourself to run a sure-fire business, have a clean and tidy house, prepare home-cooked meals and pay quality time with the kids…..Stop. Admit that you simply can’t have it off all while not a minimum of some facilitate.
And love it or not, this typically suggests that having to raise. whether or not which means asking a partner or loved one to assist out, or paying for a cleaner or child care a minimum of a number of the time – don’t feel guilty regarding not doing it all yourself.

3. Be realistic regarding what you'll be able to attain
I am terminally over-ambitious regarding what I are able to do, and a number of other times within the past this has bitten American state on the behind. as luck would have it I’ve ne'er had to thwart a consumer, and that i continually meet deadlines – even though it suggests that staying up all night. however this isn’t a method for semipermanent success, it’s a bonded route to exhaustion and stress!
It’s straightforward to begin the year all fired-up regarding what you'll be able to attain, however I’m learning to be a lot of realistic regarding what I will physically get done. Let’s face it – children generally get sick, or won’t sleep at the hours of darkness. there'll be days once you’re exhausted, and simply want a rest! therefore I’m dropping the super-woman act and setting out to get real.
Of course I’ll still putting your all into and push myself – however I’m creating a acutely aware effort to be a lot of honest with myself. are you able to do the same?

4. Play to your strengths
Being a solopreneur suggests that you've got to try and do many jobs directly. however footslogging away at belongings you don’t fancy could be a real bore. And isn’t running your own business purported to mean flexibility and fun?! one amongst the items I got clear on last year was my true skills and strengths – the best thanks to try this to jot down an inventory of everything you fancy doing, and everything you don’t!
Nine times out of 10, the items we have a tendency to fancy square measure the items we have a tendency to square measure best at. which suggests that by disbursement longer that specialize in things we have a tendency to truly like, we have a tendency to square measure delivering higher price to our customers still as pleasing ourselves! therefore try and notice ways in which to include a lot of of the items you fancy into running your business, and drop ways in which of doing the items you hate.
If you’re speculative however on earth you would possibly be ready to drop essential tasks as a fledgling business – contemplate outsourcing via sites like eLance, or prepare a skill-swap with a friend? Even on a good budget – wherever there’s a can, there’s way….

5. Celebrate your achievements
When was the last time you took an instant to celebrate all the achievements you've got created in your business and private life?
It’s very easy to induce bogged-down within the regular grind, that we regularly forget to require stock of all the nice things we’ve done. we have a tendency to focus instead on the goals and tasks we have a tendency to uncomprehensible, the comes that ne'er quite got off the ground….. however if you are taking an instant to trust everything you’ve accomplished over the past twelve months – I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
I spent a while reviewing my year at the tip of 2011, and located it very motivating to examine however way I’d return. ample USA square measure therefore wont to playing-down our achievements and under-valuing our work, that we have a tendency to ne'er even contemplate the nice things we’ve done. therefore this year – try and schedule in a while monthly to appear back at what you've got achieved. They don’t got to be major milestones – it may well be something from a “thank you” from a client, or just attempting one thing new.