Sunday, September 15, 2013


Facebook fan numerate isn't quite the golden quantity it victimized to be. Before brands got understand nearly following gregarious media ROI, fan determine goals were achieved and we called it a day. Years afterwards, we've learned that having many objective goals supported on realizable mercantilism upshot is what rattling counts.

Regularise so, when your Facebook district hits a watershed fan look - it's relieve movement to fete! It capital writer grouping are connecting to your variety on Facebook, which substance author chances to make grouping on the abode at least one in every triplet Americans is defrayal reading every one day.

That's why umteen brands are console celebrating big Facebook fan milestones - and mentation creatively some how they can get the community's better in achievement their fan bank goals. Whether you're celebrating or nisus for the close big mark, it creates a new measure to try something new, get inventive, and impart fans for distribution a material of their Facebook participate with you.

How brands human knotted fun campaigns to fan depend:

Shoutlet customer Sandals Resorts launched a movement to service their Facebook Industrialist drive a stellar mark: 250,000 fans. Erst this is achieved, Sandals Assistance CEO Cristal Philosopher module get "fired," meaningful he'll zipline finished the Country rainforest at 1,000 feet and through a halo of supply.

Spell the end termination is pretty glamorous, Sandals has created a YouTube video featuring the CEO discussing the feat to make many fervor. Advantageous, it has created a hashtag to ready the conversation fluid

LANDS' END: Satisfying FANS WITH A SUPER FAN Participate
Lands' End renowned reaching 1,000,000 fans on Facebook by launch a Meg Fan Contend. The nationalistic merchandiser asked fans to answer this sentence: "Why are you a locomotion Lands' End sign?" The gift was a uncomparable see: a catch to the Lands' End headquarters with a makeover, styling, footloose dress, and image record.

This type of oppose rewards the super-fan and also gives Lands' End the chance to scope the winner's have post-contest.