Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7 Essential iPad Apps for Blogging

A couple months agone, I ripped on, er, critiqued blogging on the iPad. At the time, I explained why blogging on the iPad isn’t nonetheless prepared for time. Now, due to some new and/or updated apps—along with the introduction of (limited) multi-tasking on the iPad—I’m setting out to modification my tune.

Since the iPad WordPress app continues to be crap, I’ve chosen the apps that I’ve found build ME the foremost productive, tho' I still end the post either on my laptop computer or by repetition and pasting the post into the WordPress app on the iPad. It’s not an ideal system, however it works for many posts fairly well.

Finally, I’ve enclosed 2 sets of links for every of those apps. the primary list links to the appliance developer’s web site and also the second list at very cheap of the post can open the links in iTunes. Obviously, clicking that second list’s links on a machine while not iTunes won’t work.

Without additional commotion, here square measure the essential apps for blogging on the iPad:

TextExpander bit. I’ve long been an enormous fan of TextExpander for the mackintosh. Now, this $4.99 iPad app brings an equivalent practicality to the iPad. You add or install snippets within the app itself and it expands those snippets to longer strings of text. for example typewriting “,a” can expand to “” for together with hyperlinks in your posts. Associate in Nursing absolute must-have on any 
iPad, whether or not you’re a blogger or not.

Evernote. Another must-have. This free app synchronizes notes across your iPad, iPhone, Mac, computer or mechanical man device. I usually write my posts in Evernote then end piece of writing either in my most well-liked journal editor (MarsEdit for the Mac) or within the WordPress app. the great factor regarding Evernote is I will work on a given piece on any of my devices and keep the total factor in correct in the slightest degree times. to boot, its nice audio note and searchable image options let ME collate a lot of info from a spread of sources as I work on my posts.
Elements. though I’ve simply started victimisation this $4.99 text editor, I’m finding i favor components higher than Evernote for typewriting and organizing my thoughts. components needs a Dropbox account (see following item) for synchronizing notes across devices, tho' i feel that’s a and. a extremely useful gizmo.

Dropbox. Not simply a necessary tool for facilitating file sharing with components, Dropbox may be a full-featured on-line file-syncing application. wonderful for obtaining pictures, PDFs and every one the remainder of your digital detritus to your iPad, iPhone, PC, mackintosh or mechanical man device. one more must-have tool for any iPad afficianado. Oh. And it’s free for up to 2GB of file storage. I even have it put in on each device I own.

Twitter. I imagine you’re aware of Twitter. The iPad Twitter app works nice as each Associate in Nursing operation supply and as a tool for promoting your posts. Of course, if you’re a WordPress blogger, strive the TwitterTools WordPress plug-in to mechanically transfer your latest masterpieces to Twitter.

Pulse. each blogger want a continuing stream of stories and data as cereal for his or her mill. luckily, this free news reader makes it straightforward to stay on prime of your favorite sources. I want it gave you a neater thanks to copy the uniform resource locator of the webpage from directly at intervals the app, however since you'll post links on Twitter or Facebook, email them to yourself, send to your Instapaper account (see below), or open at intervals campaign, you’re simply a few of finger faucets far from obtaining your favorite sources into your post.

Instapaper. one among my favorite tools for each blogging and reading, Instapaper may be a browser bookmarklet that helps you to send any page from your desktop browser or Pulse reader to your iPad. the proper tool for after you got to scan a page—or write a post—later. The free version limits you to ten links, whereas it’s paid massive brother provides you unlimited for $4.99.